Total raised so far...

Hi all

Just a quick note to say that after our first count up and with some money still to come in, the Walk on the Wild Side has raised a total of £1750 for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored us, we really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing the results of our efforts on Skomer and at the Welsh Wildlife Centre in the near future.

Lucy and Llinos

Even more pics

Here we are at the very end... :)

Click here for more pics...

More pics..

See some of our pics on the right and more at: Jo's pics

We've done it!

Hello everyone - just wanted to let you all know that we've finally made it all the way to Amroth - yay!

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey in so many ways - in particular...

  • Jo Milborrow - for joining us for three long days of walking, helping out so much with the fundraising and surprising us today by being there at the finish...
  • Diane Sparey - for all the mothering :)
  • Sue and Phil at the Clock House restaurant and cafe in Marloes for collecting sponsorship and giving us a slap up meal!
  • Sue and Chris at the Old School hostel in Trevine for the hospitality and fabulous breakfast
  • Our parents for lifts, emergency supplies and rescues!
  • Kiri for letting us turn her flat into a Youth Hostel for three nights, driving us around, drumming up sponsorship, and setting up a fabulous finish line (complete with cakes) for us at the end!
  • Nathan Walton for making sure Llinos wasn't left stranded in Amroth at the end
  • Sue and David Chambers for comfy beds at Square Farm for a few nights
  • Dave Milborrow for letting us use his amazing puffin pic for our caption competition
  • Ben Stone from Radio Pembrokeshire for ensuring everyone knew how we were getting on each day
  • Gareth for decorating our donation bucket...
...and everyone who so generously sponsored us so far.

For those of you who didn't think we'd make it...there's still time to sponsor us...

Pics to come later when we've figured out our cameras! 

Day 9 - Pembroke to West Angle

A strange day today - lots of time spent in woodland and farmland, so it didn't feel much like walking the Coast Path at all.  We arrived at West Angle tired and a bit low in spirits so we are looking forward to having company on the walk from West Angle to Stackpole (that's the plan anyway) tomorrow.  We're also looking forward to getting back to the coast and seeing some of Pembrokeshire's most beautiful beaches tomorrow...Fresh West, Barafundle etc etc.

Blister update: Llinos's feet are still gaining more blisters but she's managing to keep going and with some reassurance from us all that they're not infected and we're still piling on the Compeed...

Time for strictly come dancing, not us...on tv... :)

Lucy and Llinos  

Day 8, the industrial/town bit...

Today we've done the stretch of the path the takes in some of Pembrokeshire's towns and heavy industry, starting at Sandy Haven and finishing up with a nice cup of tea overlooking Pembroke Castle.

This 16 mile stretch included passing underneath the South Hook LNG jetty, over the jetty at Waterston and over the Cleddau bridge - it was hard going, and interesting, if not pretty.

Llinos's feet are still causing her lots of pain, so progress is slow when the terrain is uneven, but we're still about 5 miles ahead of our original schedule, and the weather has been very kind.

The plan tomorrow is to head out from Pembroke and finish up at Freshwater West (a fair bit further than our original plan, blisters dependent).

Right now though, a good night's sleep is in order...

More tomorrow...

Lucy and Llinos

Day 7 - Musslewick to.....Sandy Haven!

An unexpectedly long walk today as we realised we had to get to Sandy Haven to beat the we've just got back from another 20 mile+ day and we're both a little tired.

Llinos now has more surface area on her feet that is blister than normal skin, and is pushing through the pain barrier to keep going.  Buy shares in Compeed now everyone, their sales are likely to increase dramatically over the next five days!

We missed Jo today an had no one to find obscure poses for Pertwee the puffin, so he pretty much stayed in the rucksack - but at least he didn't jump off any cliffs....

Click here for Jo's pics from the days when she joined us...we're having trouble uploading our own pics for now, but will get them sorted as soon as we can...

We're off to Clock House for a meal this evening (thanks to Phil and Sue the owners) and then on to the Lobster Pot to shake our....bucket... :))

Sandy Haven to however far we make it this space...

Llinos and Lucy

Days 3-6...

Hello everyone...sorry we've been out of touch for a few days, it's harder than it looks blogging while you're on the Pembs Coast path!

Tonight though we've finalliy arrived in Marloes (Lucy's home village) so we have the luxury of internet access and home cooking!

So - what have we been up to over the past few days?  Well, we've completed about 80miles so far from St Dogmaels to Marloes, stopping off at Whitesands and Solva along the way.  Thank you to everyone who came down to the Harbour Inn in Solva last night after hearing us on Radio Pembrokeshire and who gave generously towards the cause.  Thanks also to colleagues Diane, George and Nathan for joining us for the support and encouragement.

Today we've walked the 20 or so miles from Solva to Musslewick where Skomer Warden Jo left us to head back to the island.  It has been great having an extra person to walk with and keep us going for the last couple of days so we'll really miss her tomorrow.

Llinos's feet are covered in blisters but she's soldiering on and we're hoping to make it around the Marloes and Dale peninsulas as far as Monk Haven tomorrow.  Then tomorrow evening we'll at both the Clock House and The Lobster Pot in Marloes.

We'll post some pics from the journey so far in a moment.

Lucy & Llinos

Days 2 and 3..

Sorry no update yesterday - we were away from all civilisation at Pwll Deri Youth Hostel - and very lovely it was too!  Day 2 took us from Newport around to Goodwick - beautiful weather made this a very pleasant day (after a difficult start when we set off all the smoke alarms in our B& made a hasty exit...).

We've also sadly lost Salty- so if you see a stray Seal around anywhere.... email

Today we had a really long trek from Goodwick round to Trefin - but it was made more enjoyable by the fabulous scenery around Strumble Head and beyond.

Tonight we're staying at the lovely Old School Hostel in Trefin where we're expecting Jo Milborrow, Skomer Warden to join us any minute...

Day one update!

Hello! Well we've completed day one of the walk and had fantastic weather for it. Everyone told us the section between st dogmaels and newport was tough going and they weren't wrong! Some of the climbs were almost vertical - thank you whoever invented walking poles! Sorry we're unable to upload any pics just yet. We're blogging on Lucy's mobile - tomorrow we'll remember to take pics using the phone cam, d'oh. This is going to be ashort post as we both want to watch strictly :) thanks to everyone who has sponsored us so far. More tomorrow when we're off to Goodwick. L & ll

The full itinerary - come and give us a cheer along the way...

We've finally got all of our plans in place for the walk, and with just a few days to go before we start, we're getting everything ready for our departure. Here's the plan, and where you can come and meet us, walk with us for a bit, and sponsor us of course along the way...

Day 1 - 18th September
A very early start at St Dogmaels for our first day as we're both getting lifts to the start point from our homes (both about an hour away). We plan to start walking at about 7am and to ease us in gently we're staying at the very lovely Golden Lion in Newport this evening...please feel free to come and join us for a drink in the bar :)

Day 2 - 19th September
On as far as Goodwick today, then the Strumble Shuttle to Pwll Deri Youth Hostel where we're staying the night.

Day 3 - 20th September
Then it's back to Goodwick in the to walk around Strumble Head, past Pwll Deri again and on to Trefin where we'll be overnighting at the Old School Hostel.  We'll be met here by the lovely Jo Milborrow, Skomer Warden who will be joining us for the next few days walking...

Day 4 - 21st September
From Trefin we press on to Whitesands bay where we'll be spending the night at the Youth Hostel -although we'll probably venture into St Davids in the evening so if you're up that way look out for three weary women and come and say hello.

Day 5 - 22nd September
A lovely walk today, not too far, from Whitesands around St David's head to Solva where we'll be joined for a meal by colleagues from the Wildlife Trust as a bit of a treat. 

Day 6 - 23rd September
Staying overnight at a B&B in Solva we'll be up early to start one of the longer days where we'll head through Newgale and the Havens to St Brides.  With Skomer in sight to remind us what we're doing this all for and some spectacular scenery on the way we're both looking forward to this stretch. This will also be the first of two nights in Lucy's home village of Marloes and where we say good bye to Jo who will be heading back to her duties on Skomer.   We'll probably be in the Lobster Pot this evening...

Day 7 - 24th September
Some of the locals have promised to join us today as we walk from St Brides around the Marloes and Dale peninsulars finishing up by crossing the Gann (as the tides will be low later on in the day) before being picked up and heading back to Marloes.

Day 8 - 25th September
Today we start the 'industrial' section and walk from Monk Haven past Sandy Haven and through Milford to Neyland where we'll be met by the lovely Kiri who works for the National Park and who is putting us up for the next couple of nights.

Day 9 - 26th September
Over the bridge this morning, through industry and estuary and on to West Angle Bay before another overnighter with Kiri.

Day 10 - 27th September
From West Angle we continue through some of the most beautiful parts of the park (thankfully we've managed to miss the MOD firing which is planned through most of September) and on to Broad Haven South where we'll be spending the evening.

Day 11 - 28th September
On to the metropolis that is Tenby this morning where we'll be celebrating being 'nearly there'  with a night in a comfy B&B and perhaps venturing out into the town (depending on how our feet are doing!).

Day 12 - 29th September
Our final day will be a very reasonable 8 miles from Tenby to Amroth where we'll be celebrating with a nice cup of tea and a sit down :)

Enter our caption competition for the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher

What's this puffin up to...?
Enter our caption competition (and please make a small donation while you're at it) and you could be the winner of a £50 Amazon voucher, perfect to get a head start on the Christmas shopping or to treat yourself to the latest gadgets.  All you have to do is think of a fab caption for this pic taken by Dave Milborrow (Assistant Warden) on Skomer this year and post it on our site:

Hello - Radio Pembrokeshire Listeners!

Thanks to Ben on Radio Pembrokeshire's breakfast show for supporting the Walk on the Wild Side - if you've been listening to Radio Pembrokeshire and would like to sponsor us please click here now to donate online or email to find out how else you can support us on our journey...

Fundraising update

We're doing well, and now have over a quarter of our target, but we've still got a long way to go to reach the £2000 we need to make a real impact.  Please keep donating, and watch this space for our caption competition, with the opportunity to win a fantastic prize, coming soon...
Ll & L

PS. Listen to Ben Stone's breakfast show on Radio Pembrokeshire this morning for an interview with Lucy...

The Itinerary Days 5 - 9

The rest of the itinerary has started to come together now - just need to finalise a few overnight stays...

Brilliant news also that Skomer Warden Jo is hoping to join us for a day or two of our journey :)

So here's the plan for days 5-9:

Day 5 Whitesands - Solva (13.5 miles)

Around St David's head and down to Solva where we'll be meeting up with staff and volunteers from Lockley Lodge and the Welsh Wildlife Centre for some moral support (and a few drinks!).  Jo should hopefully be joining us today and walking towards home on Skomer with us tomorrow.

Day 6 Solva - St Brides (18 miles)

A long day down through St Bride's bay but past the beautiful beaches at Newgale and the Havens. Likely to feel like the home stretch for Lucy (no such luck!) - who will be looking forward to a night or two in her own bed in Marloes!  We're planning to leave the coastal path at St Brides and take the short walk across the fields to Marloes where we'll spend the night.

Day 7 St Brides - The Gann (18ish miles)

Back to St Brides this morning for a very familiar walk around the Marloes and Dale peninsulas, looking out towards Skomer and passing Lockley Lodge as we head around the point then onwards to West Dale, St Ann's Head and back round to Dale village.  As the tides will be low in the afternoon we're going to press on from Dale and cross the Crab Bridge at The Gann while it's accessible and finishing up at Monk Haven.

Day 8 Monk Haven - Cleddau Bridge (16ish miles)

Starting at Monk Haven this morning we'll pass Sandy Haven and on to the most industrialised part of our walk past Gelliswick and through Milford Haven.  Onwards then to Neyland and the Bridge.  Staying the night in Neyland (thanks to Kiri from the PCNPA!).
Day 9 Neyland - West Angle Bay (16 miles)

After crossing the bridge we'll head through Pembroke Dock and around as far as West Angle Bay today, spending the night in Angle before heading on to some of the most beautiful sections of the path in South Pembs...

The final few days to follow...

Ll and L

Stop Press! Salty and Pertwee to join us on the Walk

We were a bit worried we'd get lonely on our walk so we're very pleased to announce that we've persuaded two extras to join us on the Walk on The Wild Side...

Skomer's twittering duo Pertwee Puffin and Salty the Seal will be coming with us on the entire 186 mile route and will be keeping you all up to date with their photos and other interesting facts from around the path on their twitter sites:

However, they've only agreed to join us if we make our £2000 target so,  donate now and help make sure we've got some cuddly company on those long days of trekking...

L &Ll

Salty and Pertwee say 'Sponsor us now!'

The Itinerary - Days 1-4 St Dogmaels - Whitesands

Hi all

We're well into the planning now and thought we'd update you on our itinerary for the first few days of the walk.

Day 1 St Dogmaels-Newport (16miles)
We're starting up North (as everyone has told us this is the toughest going we thought we'd do it while we're still fresh!) - so it's St Dogmaels to Newport on 18th Sept, and an overnight stay in Newport.

Day 2 Newport - Goodwick (13.7miles)
From Newport we head onwards past Fishguard to Goodwick and another overnight stay - albeit at Pwll Deri...

Day 3 Goodwick - Trefin (18.9 miles)
A big day this one...but looking forward to staying at the Old School Hostel in Trefin overnight - they've promised to throw in a free breakfast to help the cause. Thank you!

Day 4 Trefin - Whitesands (11.3 miles)
A bit gentler after the marathon on day 3, from Trefin to the lovely Whitesands bay.

So, that's the first 60 miles or so sorted...the rest of the itinerary to follow...still a few 'i's to dot and 't's to cross....


A quick update...

Hello everyone, just a quick update on how we're getting on with our fundraising. We now have our Just Giving page up and running, so if you haven't already done so you can now sponsor us (with Gift Aid) quickly and securely online - thanks to everyone who has sponsored us both online and offline so far. We've made a good start towards achieving our £2000 target, but there's still a long way to go, so please spread the word amongst friends, family and colleagues.

The route planning is well under way now, (we'll be posting our planned route here shortly) but any hints or tips from those who have walked the path, or for good places to stay would be gratefully received. Just send us and email at one of the addresses above or leave a comment on the site.

Lucy and Llinos