Day 8, the industrial/town bit...

Today we've done the stretch of the path the takes in some of Pembrokeshire's towns and heavy industry, starting at Sandy Haven and finishing up with a nice cup of tea overlooking Pembroke Castle.

This 16 mile stretch included passing underneath the South Hook LNG jetty, over the jetty at Waterston and over the Cleddau bridge - it was hard going, and interesting, if not pretty.

Llinos's feet are still causing her lots of pain, so progress is slow when the terrain is uneven, but we're still about 5 miles ahead of our original schedule, and the weather has been very kind.

The plan tomorrow is to head out from Pembroke and finish up at Freshwater West (a fair bit further than our original plan, blisters dependent).

Right now though, a good night's sleep is in order...

More tomorrow...

Lucy and Llinos

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