Day 7 - Musslewick to.....Sandy Haven!

An unexpectedly long walk today as we realised we had to get to Sandy Haven to beat the we've just got back from another 20 mile+ day and we're both a little tired.

Llinos now has more surface area on her feet that is blister than normal skin, and is pushing through the pain barrier to keep going.  Buy shares in Compeed now everyone, their sales are likely to increase dramatically over the next five days!

We missed Jo today an had no one to find obscure poses for Pertwee the puffin, so he pretty much stayed in the rucksack - but at least he didn't jump off any cliffs....

Click here for Jo's pics from the days when she joined us...we're having trouble uploading our own pics for now, but will get them sorted as soon as we can...

We're off to Clock House for a meal this evening (thanks to Phil and Sue the owners) and then on to the Lobster Pot to shake our....bucket... :))

Sandy Haven to however far we make it this space...

Llinos and Lucy

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